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Touching lives, one heart at a time.


With the Uganda Project, our mission is to help, empower communities, and, with your help, change as many lives as we can. Our group will focus on five critical projects that target some of the most pressing issues affecting vulnerable populations in Uganda. 

  • We aim to provide sanitary pads to young girls and women in need so that they may attend school and jobs. 

  • We will distribute mosquito nets to families and children in the slums of Kampala and the more remote areas to prevent the spread of malaria. 

  • We will offer clothing and underwear to people who need them in some of the rural communities. 

  • We aim to donate to the nutrition department at the local hospital in an effort to improve the health of their patients. 

  • Finally, we will attempt to help cover medical expenses for families who cannot afford their mounting hospital bills, to purchase bicycles for children traveling long distances to school, foam mattresses for families who sleep in the dirt, food for those in need, books for the school and more.

Through these projects, we intend to create a lasting impact and inspire as much change as we can in the communities of Uganda we will visit.

Our Projects



"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone"
        ~ Ronald Reagan


Get to Know THE TEAM

What do two dispatchers, an audio engineer, a retired pub owner, a nurse assistant, and a construction worker have in common?

They all plan to travel to Uganda in September to impact as many young people, families and communities in need.

What we've been up to
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